Paging Pro

$95.00 for 25 year license

This Module expands the normal Paging module in FreePBX to add the following features:

  • Outbound Notifications – Enables the ability to notify a group of phone(s) when a user dials a specific number, ie: 911. Any page group can be linked in the outbound routes module. When a call is placed a page will go out to the page group notifying the page group of what number was dialed and what user dialed the number. Any user of the page group can dial *1 to barge into the call and speak.
  • Valet Style Paging (Airport Style) – You can now choose to have your pages recorded and when you hang up have it send the audio file to all the devices that are part of the page group. This setting is done on a per page group. You can also tell the system to only use Valet if someone dials the page group and it is in use \ already.
  • Prepend Recording – You can now have the page group whether normal or valet style play a recorded message to all participants of the page group before the pager can start speaking.
  • Scheduled Pages – Define custom schedules to have the system page a group of devices and play a recording. This is a great replacement for school bell systems or lunch break buzzers.