Queue Call-Back BETA Free Trial and New Software Bundles!

Preston McNair

Preston McNair

Announcing Queue CALL-BACKS for FreePBX®! TRY IT OUT FOR FREE!


vqplus-icon.pngFreePBX now has call-back solutions for call centers, or any businesses that get more calls than they can handle at one time! One of the biggest complaints most contact centers receive are from callers upset about hold times. With the new queue call-back functionality built into the Virtual Queue Plus FreePBX Module, your customers will never waste their time on hold again!

When enabled on a queue, call-back frees a callers time by letting them “press 1” to exit the call queue, and receive an automated call back. The call-back can go to the number they called in with, or one of their choice. When they are next in line to speak to a representative, the system will place an outbound call, and once accepted by the caller route them to the agent. Not only are your customers happier, but so are your agents, as they don’t have to handle as many disgruntled callers! System administrators and managers can also rejoice as abandon rates drop, as well as telco cost, since lines are not tied up with people waiting in queue!

For a very limited time, this new feature is available in the Schmooze Portal with a Free 30 Day BETA Trial! Simply log into your account, (or create one) click on the store, and add the BETA VQ PLUS Free Month Trial License to your cart, assign it to one of your FreePBX deployments, and check out!

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We have created some new bundles that include some of our most popular add-ons for FreePBX. This is a great way to get BIG DISCOUNTS on our most popular software!


System Builder Basic- $200 USD

This bundle includes key add-on modules that we recommend for every system.Endpoint Manager– easily manage and auto provision hundreds of supported devices directly from the FreePBX Administration GUI. FreePBX Phone Apps (RESTAPPS) IP phone apps that tightly integrate dozens of supported phones with FreePBX features (Visual voicemail, transfer to voicemail, time conditions management, queues, queue agents, presence, parking, login/logout, follow me, do not disturb, conference rooms, call forward, call flow control.)SysAdmin Pro– a power tool for administrators, allows complete system update management directly from the FreePBX GUI as well as management and configuration of system tools such as: intrusion detection, DDNS, DNS, email setup, FTP, abnormal call volume notification, network settings, port management, power options, storage notifications, time zones, UPS and VPN to FreePBX Support.


System Builder Plus-$500 USD

Fully deck out your FreePBX installs with our most popular add ons all in one package for a great price. This bundle includes EndPoint Manager,FreePBX Phone AppsSysAdmin ProPark ProPaging Pro,Class of ServiceConference ProCall Recording Reports,XMPP Management and Fax Pro.


Call Center Builder-$1275 USD

Take your contact center to the next level with the Call Center Builder Bundle. This bundle provides advanced reporting tools: QXact ReportsCall Recording Reports, Call Management tools such asClass of ServicePinset Pro,Conference ProCaller ID Management, and Advanced Queue Enhancements, including Outbound Call Limiting and VQ Plus, which now includes Queue Callbacks (see above)!

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