FreePBX Distro

Easy Install?
(Complete CD, with Linux and FreePBX)
The easiest way to install FreePBX is to download one of our ISO, burn it to a CD, and then boot your system off the ISO. Your system will then reformat the disk and upon completion, you will have a fully functioning FreePBX Distro ready to configure your phones and trunks.Download FreePBX Distro
Streamlined and Secure
We've watched the FreePBX space develop with many different flavors of distros that each add their varying personalities and extras. At FreePBX we've focused on Security and a Streamlined System that is supported by the same team who brings you the core application.
A Winning Team!
Our community has been asking us for years to provide a full out distro in addition to the great FreePBX project we've been delivering for years so we finally delivered the first Official FreePBX Distro.
There is some great documentation on installing, configuring and keeping you FreePBX Distro system updated. Installing the FreePBX Distro, Keeping your system Updated and Initial Setup Guide.
Outside of all the open source modules and addons available for FreePBX is a wealth of optional but powerful commercial modules available and other developers looking to do more. The FreePBX Distro is leading the way in enabling a platform to readily provide these solutions to the large community of professionals providing solutions to their customers or companies and looking for these solutions and capabilities, as well as a market place where other developers can find opportunities to do even more for this great eco system. 
FreePBX has been offering great training programs for FreePBX through the Open Telephony Training Seminar (OTTS) program for years. The introduction of the distro and further standardization at the system level will be opening the doors to further develop the types of training programs we will have available and a real certification and partner program that will go way beyond fancy certificates and titles. Stay tuned as we roll this out and bring you more information!

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