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FreePBX Security Issues SEC-2023-001 and SEC-2023-002

Summary: Ensure that all FreePBX/PBXact modules are up to date Always monitor and follow up on security notifications from your PBX Ensure that you are on supported FreePBX/PBXact version 15 or greater EOL versions of FreePBX/PBXact (14 or older) do not get security updates or bug fixes! Security Vulnerability SEC-2023-001 Hello all. By now, administrators

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New Commercial License Section for FreePBX / PBXact

Hi Everyone, We are happy to announce the introduction of a new section called “Commercial License” within the Module updates category of FreePBX/PBXact.   What is the purpose of the new “Commercial License” section? Specifically designed for version 15+, the new section provides a complete overview of the commercial licenses on the PBX. It offers

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FreePBX Mirror Infrastructure

  Dear FreePBX users, The Engineering team is excited to announce a significant recent upgrade to our FreePBX Mirror infrastructure. We have successfully migrated and enhanced the FreePBX Mirror services to our new public cloud infrastructure. Over the past few weeks, the new Mirror infrastructure has been operating flawlessly, and we are extremely pleased with

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Brand New Module – Missed Call Notification

For the first time in a while, the FreePBX Engineering team has published a new Open Source module, the Missed Call Notification module. This module satisfies the request that comes up periodically in the FreePBX Community Forum to have the PBX generate a notification whenever a call to an extension goes unanswered. With this module,

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PBX MFA – New FreePBX Commercial Module Release

Hello Everyone! We are pleased to announce the launch of a new commercial module named “PBX MFA” to the FreePBX ecosystem. It is targeted towards FreePBX and PBXact version 16 and above, but it can also be used by systems running version 15. What is MFA? Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that requires

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