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Streaming MOH

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Streaming MOH
Sorry for post, but I have read all the threads and links on here and other sites.

I cannot get streaming MOH to work at all.
Please somebody can you give me a detailed step by step instruction on how to set this thing up.

I cannot seem to get my head around this thing.


Newbie: SIP Trunking to Tandberg VCS Control

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Hey Everybody,

I am going to start off by saying, I am a complete noob when in comes to this technology. A few months ago I got put in charge of a new project. Part of the project is integration of a phone system with a video conferencing system. I have the video conferencing system up and running and just started on the phone system. To save money, we have decided to go with an asterisk server and a SIP Trunk for our phone system. I used AsteriskNow 1.7.0 32bit.


CentOS 5
Asterisk 1.6


Warning: Module 'pdo_sqlite' already loaded in Unknown on line 0

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I every body,

I am currently installing freepbx with sqlite.
It works fine with mysql but whe I try tu use sqlite3 it doesn't work.
I have the following message : Warning: Module 'pdo_sqlite' already loaded in Unknown on line 0

Yet in my /etc/amportal.conf I have

What does it mean ?
Can somebody help me ?

thanks in advance



Can't configure zaptel in Mandriva

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I'm trying to install an X100P card. It's recognised in the hardware system but genzaptelconf doesn't work
[root@localhost sbin]# genzaptelconf
grep: /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf: No such file or directory
Notice: Configuration file is /etc/zaptel.conf
line 0: Unable to open master device '/dev/zap/ctl'
Please can anyone help


Upgrade to freepbx 2.8

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Before I upgraded to FreePBX 2,8 an analog trunk hooked to a Digium card would ring in, but Asterisk did not answer the trunk unless the destination extension answered the phone, this allowed the voice mail on the analog trunk to answer instead of the asterisk voice mail, which was the way I wanted it on this trunk. Since the upgrade Asterisk picks up on the first ring. How do I change this back to not answering the trunk?


Sip Registration Intermittent

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Build - FREEPBX, with Asterisk (Ver.

Im finding my sip registration is very intermitant with my VOIPFONE Trunk

If I save the VOIPFONE Trunk this resolves the problem, but only for a short while, after this save, using the sip show registry command i can see that the registration is happening after 45 seconds

pbx*CLI> sip show registry

Host dnsmgr Username Refresh State Reg.Time Y 3016093 45 Registered Mon, 02 Aug 2010 07:07:31
1 SIP registrations.


x100p clone card (from and dahdi ??

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Hi all Smile

Apologies in advance for dumb noob questions and lack of info.. I'm totally new to the linux/asterisk/freepbx world.

I have an old dell pc (256mb RAM, 20gb HDD, P3 processor) on which I have installed the latest version of asteriskNOW 32 bit and freePBX

I want to use this as a home & small business PBX with one incoming legacy POTS line and potentially 2 or more SIP trunks in the future.

My first task was to get the system up and running with the existing POTS line.. and I seem to be failing dismally !! Sad


FreePBX Crashed after I uploaded the new FOP2 Module 2.11

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I already had installed manually FOP2 I noticed that there is now a new EPX mudule so I downloaded it and when to my FREEPBX module admin and uploaded 2.11 as soon as I did. Anything I click on I get

Module Administration
XML error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 12

Please help my server is messed up


Upgrading from core to clears all trunk details

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It is strange, after upgrading freepbx core to all the trunk details are lost, the trunks are still listed in the trunks list but all the details like the peer details and register strings are empty.

How can I upgrade without losing these details or how can I restore these details after upgrading without having to retype these manually.

I have restored the last backup now, the details are now visible again, but it says that the core is now active.

I am using the latest distro from PBXinaflash, asterisk 1.4.


FreePBX not updating .conf files

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I am currently running Asterisk This is a new install. When I make updates via the FreePBX web interface I do not see them reflected in any of the .conf files. My questions are as follows:

1) When I make a change in the FreePBX web interface (adding an extension for example) I would expect this change to show up in extensions_additional.conf. Is this a correct assumption?

2) If so, what are possible causes for this file not to be updating?

Thanks in advance.