Christmas is over. Yay!

Well. The hard part is, anyway. The feeding and entertaining of flocks of family and relations who decend upon us. Actually, it wasn’t us this year, it was Tharyn’s parents who were doing the feeding and entertaining. So we got out of it quite easily. Before I continue on into far more freePBX related stuff, I must boast about how cool a wife I have.

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Things are looking good for 2.2.0

Everything’s looking pretty good, in summary. There are still a couple of little bugletts, but nothing that’s a significant show stopper. I’m heading off to Leongatha, Victoria tomorrow, and I’ll be down there all week. I will have Internet Access in my room, so I hopefully will be reasonably productive whilst I’m away… Assuming I don’t get too stuck into playing the new Mario Bros game on the Nintendo DS! Continue reading