Christmas is over. Yay!



Well. The hard part is, anyway. The feeding and entertaining of flocks of family and relations who decend upon us. Actually, it wasn’t us this year, it was Tharyn’s parents who were doing the feeding and entertaining. So we got out of it quite easily. Before I continue on into far more freePBX related stuff, I must boast about how cool a wife I have.

A couple of weeks ago, she said ‘I saw the coolest T-Shirt the other day.. It had “There’s no place like” on it’. We both laughed and I idly thought that I have a cool geek of a wife. It rolls around to Christmas day, I’ve got a pile of soft and squidgy presents from her. 7 T-shirts, and they’re all in full geek glory. Here’s a quick link to her page of them, but I’ll mention some of my favourites here.

The best bit, is that she didn’t just buy these (Well, a couple of them she did – there are others on her site that I linked to above) – she thought them up and had them made herself. Even better, she’s not even a geek – she’s an Accountant! I think that geekism is possibly contageous 8)

Anyway, freePBX related stuff should be here, rather than me boasting about my cool wife. I noticed that someone mentioned in the rc2 post that there was still a critical bug outstanding that hadn’t been resolved. I had seen the bug, but hadn’t actually commented on it due to the rather complex way that Asterisk handles dialplan includes. I commented on it, with some code snippet examples, and shut the bug. Hopefully that’ll stop the confusion. (Maybe I should have worn my PEBKAC shirt while typing that? 8)

Other outstanding bugs that need to be looked at before 2.2 is released is #1593 and #1575. #1532 is a bit harder to fix, due to the way we’re passing variable names backwards and forwards between perl, php and asterisk, so we try to avoid using single or double quotes whenever possible. It may not make it into 2.2, but it is something I want to fix.

The other bugs aren’t terribly important, and most of them are module bugs anyway, which we can fix whenever we want. So we may have a 2.2 release out in early January. Yay!

I hope you all enjoy your time off. I was hoping to take this week off, but the Bug Tracker was calling me! I’m also not going to be around very much towards the end of February and the beginning of March. I am actually, really, going to be taking a holiday. OK. So yes, I’ll be taking the laptop, and everywhere I’m staying has broadband, but still. I won’t have every day booked out like I usually do when I’m not at home. We’re all going to Tasmania (for the Yanks, that’s the island on the south eastern corner of Australia) for a week, and then going to Phillip Island to watch the World Superbikes. Yay! Jade’s been there before, but she was only a couple of months old then, so that doesn’t really count. Although she did seem to enjoy it.

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