Un-Trixbox your trixbox

There’s been a lot of people that have had problems with Trixbox 1.2, not limited to, but including queues not working, the ‘Red Bar of Evil’ not reloading asterisk, dropouts after a short period of time, random audio stutterings, x-lite being unable to connect, and a pile of others. This has caused me to help a pile of people who’ve joined #freepbx (the IRC channel) to update their Asterisk to a nice standard released version. As this has happened quite a few times now, I thought it was time to spell out exactly how to do it. I actually did this for a paying customer, and step-by-step copied and pasted everything I did, so this should work flawlessly for any trixbox-1.2 based machine. Of course, this will also work on a trixbox 1.1 machine too, if you want to bring it up to date.

Update: I’ve fixed a typo – I was suggesting you edit /etc/yum.repos.d/trixbox, but it was actually trixbox.repo. Also, I’ve used the copy-and-paste method a couple of times, and it seems to work well. Note that the current CentOS kernel version is .4, and if there’s a new kernel release, you need to do this:

yum -y update
cd /usr/src/zaptel-1.2.10
make install

This ensures that the zaptel modules are built for the current kernel.

Update2: Upgraded the versions in this document to the latest released by Digium.
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FreePBX 2.1.3 released

2.1.3 is now up on sourceforge. Here’s the changelog for 2.1.2 and 2.1.3:


  • Fix the broken security fixes in 2.1.2 (sigh)
  • Fix the newinstall.sql file from 2.1.2 to work with older MySQLs
  • Add a noload for app_trunkisavail.so (This will be taken out as soon as we start using it 8)
  • Fix typo in welcome page
  • Fix warning on upgrade about AMPDBENGINE
  • Add “+” as a valid dial prefix
  • Add ability to force a refresh of modules.xml
  • Add ‘transmit_silence_during_record=yes’ as a default, as having it on doesn’t cause problems, and having it off can.


  • Changed the default so that a new extension has Call Waiting on by default
  • Changed the online module repository to point to mirror.freepbx.org, as we were having problems with sourceforge
  • Start of support for pgsql and sqlite
  • Added the option to set CID to ‘hidden’ to force no CID being sent
  • Security fixes in CDR
  • Fixed newinstall.sql so that Core is enabled by default, added some help text to point new users in the right direction

As usual, you can find the upgrading instructions on aussievoip.com