FreePBX 2.1.3 released



2.1.3 is now up on sourceforge. Here’s the changelog for 2.1.2 and 2.1.3:


  • Fix the broken security fixes in 2.1.2 (sigh)
  • Fix the newinstall.sql file from 2.1.2 to work with older MySQLs
  • Add a noload for (This will be taken out as soon as we start using it 8)
  • Fix typo in welcome page
  • Fix warning on upgrade about AMPDBENGINE
  • Add “+” as a valid dial prefix
  • Add ability to force a refresh of modules.xml
  • Add ‘transmit_silence_during_record=yes’ as a default, as having it on doesn’t cause problems, and having it off can.


  • Changed the default so that a new extension has Call Waiting on by default
  • Changed the online module repository to point to, as we were having problems with sourceforge
  • Start of support for pgsql and sqlite
  • Added the option to set CID to ‘hidden’ to force no CID being sent
  • Security fixes in CDR
  • Fixed newinstall.sql so that Core is enabled by default, added some help text to point new users in the right direction

As usual, you can find the upgrading instructions on

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