More outages..

Just a quick heads up – the hosting company that USED to host has been down for a couple of days due to Level3 cutting them off. They’re in the process of organising new data pipes, but for the moment this means that Aussie Voip and a couple of other sites are down temporarily. You can keep up with what’s going on at their web site. I’m still away from the office, so I can’t really do terribly much. It seems that everything will be up at the end of the week, so fingers crossed.
Edit: Well, I’m back. And they’re going to be down until the end of THIS week, apparently. There’s more discussion at WebHostingTalk about the outage and what they’re doing. Note that I haven’t got a refund yet, but I’ll be harassing them about it today. I’ve also posted a comment about moving to different wiki software that allows, or at least eases the pain of, clustering, which will alleviate potential future issues. I’m not dead set on Media Wiki – which is what wikipedia uses – and I’m open to suggestions. There’s a reasonably comprehensive WikiPedia page on various wiki software, and an interesting WikiMatrix site. Please feel free to leave any suggestions and comments!

Surveying interest in Multi-Tenant freePBX

I am trying to gauge interest in a true multi-tenant implementation. I posted a similar request to the trixbox forum since there is a lot of traffic there, so far with out much response so thought I would post it here.

We often see request for multi-tenant abilities in freePBX. If you are one of those people who could seriously benefit from multi-tenant, how much would it be worth to you. Continue reading

2.2.1 released

We seem to have now got most of the bugs out of the 2.2 branch, so just to bring everything up to date, I’ve just released 2.2.1, to keep everything nice and fresh. For those that are subscribed to the sourceforge announcements, you would have noticed TWO announcement. That’s because I stuffed up, but I did that BEFORE this announcment. So if you’re reading this, and you haven’t downloaded 2.2.1 yet, it’s all OK.

Edit: If you read the article, you’ll know I’m travelling. I’m also trying out picasa and blogspot, and have found something very funny (well, for astronomers and other people vaguely interested in planets) whilst on the road. Have a look at the blogger post about The World Largest Solar System Model — Rob

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Now on the new machine

If you can read this, then congrats. You’re looking at the new Xeon server. It’s much MUCH faster than the old machine, and hopefully should be a lot more reliable! I did some minor load testing on it, and it can handle about 20 times the load that was killing the old machine. Excellent! However, we’re still only 2/3rds of the way to a years worth of hosting, so for anyone who hasn’t donated yet, please see if you can! Thanks!