Surveying interest in Multi-Tenant freePBX

Philippe Lindheimer

Philippe Lindheimer

I am trying to gauge interest in a true multi-tenant implementation. I posted a similar request to the trixbox forum since there is a lot of traffic there, so far with out much response so thought I would post it here.

We often see request for multi-tenant abilities in freePBX. If you are one of those people who could seriously benefit from multi-tenant, how much would it be worth to you. I would like to know what you would be willing to pay up front (to help the initial development) as well as to pay towards support contracts to support such a ‘commerical’ release. This would help determine the viability of doing such a project.

When I say multi-tenant I mean true multiple isolated companies with overlapping extensions, etc. Each tenant would effectively have a full freepbx configuration with the same screens and modules they see today, and then the required ultra-admin level configuration that would be required to manage such a setup.

(we’ve had some serious offers, however no single company wants to flip the bill alone for something that several of you would benefit from).

Please post comments in response to my questions to help us gauge this.


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