Month: June 2007

FreePBX® 2.3.0beta1 Launch

We told you it was coming so here you go. The official launch of our 2.3 beta program packed with some great new enhancements and improvements to the online module update system that will allow patches to be downloaded online to the entire application. You can read more about this new release and instructions on

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FreePBX Plans under new Stewardship

Taking over stewardship of such an important project is a very challenging and exciting opportunity. It doesn’t take the likes of Gartner or Yankee Group to measure how successful and wide spread FreePBX has flourished since its early days. Rob has lead the project through growing pains and infrastructure challenges and I’m sure as we

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Time for me to hand over the reigns

As most people would have noticed, I’ve been conspicuous by my absence recently. This has been due to a couple of things that have been happening IRL, and has made my spare time pretty much non-existent. Unfortunately for me, that spare time was the time I was using to do FreePBX work.

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Official FreePBX® 2.2.2 Upgrade Instructions

We have heard that some recent upgrade attempts to FreePBX® 2.2.2 on other distributions have resulted in broken systems. We have no control of the mechanism and packages that are produced by other projects and thus we can not confirm nor recommend using any of these upgrade procedures.

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Ring Group and Follow-Me Ring Strategies (2 of 2)

In last week’s FreePBX® Technical Series we reviewed the current ring strategies: ringall, hunt and memoryhunt. We clarified the mystery of the “-prim” postfix on these and discussed some subtle behaviors between DND implemented in FreePBX® (server side) versus locally on the phone. This week we will review some up and coming Ring Strategies and

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