Month: September 2007

Expanded Repository Access and Some SVN Changes

What is SVN and what are you talking about? FreePBX keeps all of it’s source in our [url=/trac/browser]Revision Control System[/url] as does any properly run software project whether it is Open Source or not. For FreePBX, we use the Subversion SVN system. The purpose of such a system is to easily manage changes and releases,

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Follow Me or VmX Locater™ – Which One is for You?

Some people like to have all calls follow them and ring all their phones. Others may prefer to not be bothered by every call; if the caller really needs them now, they would like an option but prefer to have voicemail handle the less urgent matters. FreePBX offers two different features that are designed for

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FreePBX Devices and Users Under the Hood

FreePBX is often referred to as a GUI to manage Asterisk configuration files. This misconception leads to confusion when Asterisk knowledgeable users begin to dig into a FreePBX system and find so many things that look foreign or different from what they are used to. FreePBX is a sophisticated PBX Framework that transforms a LAMPA

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