Month: February 2014

FreePBX Newsletter February 2014

2014 is kicking off to a busy start, with lots of exciting things going on within the FreePBX EcoSystem. In this issue we will review the latest news from FreePBX, the world’s most popular open source PBX platform, covering some of our latest software releases, newest products, special promotions and upcoming events. FreePBX HA (High

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Security Vulnerability Notice

We are blogging to inform you of a recently discovered security vulnerability reported yesterday in FreePBX Ticket 7123 (originally reported in ticket 7117 which is locked because of sensitive information). All FreePBX versions FreePBX 2.9 before, FreePBX 2.10 before, FreePBX 2.11 before, and FreePBX 12 before 12.0.1alpha22 are affected. You should immediately update your

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Schmooze/FreePBX Portal and Ticketing System Planned Maintenance

Thursday, February 6, 2014, Starting at 6 pm Central Standard Time the Schmooze/FreePBX Portal and Support Ticketing system may be down as we migrate to a new server.  We expect if it is up during this migration period for the performance to be degraded, until about 9 pm CST.  We will update this post when the migration

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Welcome Aubrey Lea Walters the newest member of the FreePBX Family

Aubrey Lea Walters PLAYER 3 HAS ENTERED THE GAME Schmooze Com Inc/FreePBX would like welcome the latest team member, Aubrey Lea Walters to the FreePBX Family. In her role with FreePBX, Miss. Walters will be prioritizing the day to day, as well as the night to night responsibilities of FreePBX Developer and Schmooze Co-Founder Bryan

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