FreePBX Distro Terms of Service
The FreePBX Distro is a complete ISO or USB or bash script installer that installs Linux, Asterisk, Apache, PHP, FreePBX, MySQL and other packages.

The FreePBX Distro is released as a freeware product that any person or entity can download and use to install the FreePBX Distro. The FreePBX Distro is not a GPL or Open Source product. It does contain GPL packages, and all SRPMs for GPL packages can be found at, or may be downloaded individually with ‘ yumdownloader –source packagename’ as required.

You can only use the ISO or USB image as it is distributed by Sangoma Technologies. Any modification to the FreePBX Distro itself is strictly prohibited. Copying or using the install scripts of the FreePBX Distro to build a similar product is strictly prohibited and is a Copyright Violation. Modifying the FreePBX Distro to work on other environments, such as VPS containers, is an explicit violation of these Terms of Service.

Only Certified FreePBX Resellers or a FreePBX Partner with an agreement in place can market “FreePBX” or “The FreePBX Distro” (or any other name implying it is related to the FreePBX project, or Sangoma Technologies Corporation) commercially to third parties, and it must be installed without any modifications. Doing so without an agreement in place is a violation of Copyright, and of trademarks of Sangoma Technology Corporation.

You can only use the Sangoma and FreePBX yum repositories (including  the commercial yum repository) if you are using the FreePBX Distro for your own use (personal or corporate). If you are selling, renting, hosting, or receiving compensation for a FreePBX Distro system and are not a Certified Reseller or Partner of FreePBX you are not permitted to use the public yum repositories and you must provide your own repository.

Without waiving any of its rights, Sangoma Technologies Corporation does not advise others on the scope of its intellectual property rights. Sangoma Technologies Corporation does not permit or consent to any use of its trademarks in any manner that is likely to cause confusion by implying association with or sponsorship by The FreePBX Open Source Project, or Sangoma Technologies Corporation in any form, including but not limited to websites, marketing and sales collateral or presentations.