Advanced Recovery – New FreePBX Commercial Module Release

Jared Smith

Jared Smith

Sangoma is pleased to announce the release of their latest module for FreePBX – the Advanced Recovery module.

Why might someone need this module?

A modern telephone system is much more complicated than the telephone system of 25 years ago — most likely, it’s now running on commodity PC hardware rather than a custom-built hardware chassis.  It’s now connected to the Internet, and probably sends calls across the network as well, instead of having dedicated analog or digital lines for each extension and for each connection to the outside world.

When installing modern telephone systems, the topic of resiliency is often of high importance.  Customers expect their phone system to be resilient, despite the ever-increasing complexity. Sangoma is happy to announce the release of the Advanced Recovery module for FreePBX 15, which makes it much easier to set up a secondary phone system to take over in the case that the primary system fails.

How does this module work?

This module provides an easy “wizard” for configuring the various aspects of getting your configuration data synchronized between the primary and secondary systems.  Built-in monitoring ensures that the system will failover to the secondary server as soon as possible when there is failure on the primary server. Then, when the primary system is repaired or recovers, you can switch back to the primary server in just a few easy steps.  The system can also be set up to notify you (either via email or a phone call) should the primary system failover to the secondary server.

The Advanced Recovery module also has integrated support for Endpoint Manager.  This allows you to easily update the configuration for Sangoma S- and D-series telephones with the IP address of the secondary server so that phones can easily switch to the secondary server to continue to provide voice connectivity in the case of a failover.

How can I install this module?

Using “Check Online” functionality via “Module admin”, an administrator can download the “Advanced Recovery” module.  As of today, the latest release version of the Advanced Recovery module is 15.0.10.

How may I purchase a license for this module?

Instructions for purchasing and licensing the module can be found at the FreePBX Wiki – Purchasing Commercial Modules.

How can I find out more about this module?

Please refer to for more details about the module and its configuration.

The wiki page shows screenshots and explains how to configure your Advanced Recovery systems.


We encourage you to send us feedback so that we can continue to improve this module.  Please provide feedback by raising issues as a commercial module support tickets or submit feature requests or improvements to enhance this module’s functionality.


We would like to thank the team who have worked tirelessly on the development and quality assurance of this module:

  1. Philip Joseph
  2. Sandesh Prakash
  3. Kapil Gupta


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