Author: Philippe Lindheimer

What are we thinking about for 2.11

With 2.10 finalized and humming along on thousands of systems, it’s time to start deciding what to do for the next release. With the current trend of double digit release numbers, maybe we should name it 11 instead of 2.11? If you have an opinion feel free to express it but for now let’s discuss

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2.10 Officially Final

The current release, FreePBX 2.10 has been pretty much final for quite a while now though we have been reluctant to officially bless it as such because we wanted to be very conservative on the new release given the GUI changes and some of the other big changes that have gone into it. With about

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FreePBX 2.10 plans – what we are thinking

WIth 2.9 solidly behind us and one of the most feature rich releases ever, we are really pumped to keep up the momentum and brining you more great things! Several of [i]us[/i] (active developers) spent some time last week to map out what we want to try and accomplish in the next release, when it

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Time for a distro?

There are many flavors of FreePBX distributions that make up the huge installed base of FreePBX and as such, we have discussed the wisdom of creating a FreePBX distro for years. The range of options span from AsteriskNOW to the likes of trixbox who packages FreePBX with a name change to keep their branding. (Whether

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