Author: Philippe Lindheimer

Farewell Andrew

Great Job Andrew! It’s been several years since I’ve blogged here and I’m honored to have the privilege of wishing Andrew the best on his future endeavors! For those that don’t know me, I used to run FreePBX prior to Andrew taking the helm so it only seemed appropriate that I have the opportunity to

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Sangoma Reinforces its Commitment to Open Source and Addresses Recent Elastix News

[su_expand more_text=”Ver en español” height=”255″ less_text=”Ocultar español”] Sangoma refuerza su compromiso con el código abierto y apunta acerca de las recientes Noticias de Elastix Esta semana, se anunciaron cambios significativos en Elastix, incluyendo la participación de 3CX y la eliminación de las versiones clave de Elastix para su descarga. Desde esos anuncios, muchas cosas han

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Commercial Modules, Support Provided, Upcoming Changes

Commercial Modules, Support Provided, Upcoming Changes FreePBX has grown from dozens of modules a few years ago to hundreds of modules today (it’s over 100) the bulk of them part of the open source foundation that makes up this great project. We’re constantly adding new functionality, whether new features to existing modules, brand new open

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Security Vulnerability Notice

We are blogging to inform you of a recently discovered security vulnerability reported yesterday in FreePBX Ticket 7123 (originally reported in ticket 7117 which is locked because of sensitive information). All FreePBX versions FreePBX 2.9 before, FreePBX 2.10 before, FreePBX 2.11 before, and FreePBX 12 before 12.0.1alpha22 are affected. You should immediately update your

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