FreePBX EndPoint Manager & PhoneApps Now Free for Digium D Series Phones

Great news for Digium D Series phone owners. Sangoma is pleased to announce that the latest Edge release of FreePBX EndPoint Manager (EPM) and PhoneApps now support the Digium D Series phones free of charge. In the past you would need to purchase a commercial module license to use Digium phones with EPM and PhoneApps as a 3rd party phone, but now that Digium is part of the Sangoma family we want to save you money!

Currently this includes the following D Series Digium phones: D40/45, D50, D70 and all D6X. As of this release the D80 is not supported in FreePBX or PBXact, but we are working on getting that done ASAP for all of our users.

The following versions of EPM and PhoneApps are the minimum version you need to be using to have Digium phone support unlocked for free.

  • FreePBX or PBXact 14 EndPoint Version or greater
  • FreePBX or PBXact 13 EndPoint v13.0.118.103 or greater
  • FreePBX or PBXact 13 or 14 Restapps or greater

Stay tuned here for more updates, and welcome to the new Sangoma!

Attention Integrators and Resellers

Attention Integrators and Resellers:   

  • Are you offering FreePBX as a Hosted application/Cloud Offering to your customers?
  • Do you currently offer your customers SIP trunking services on a monthly subscription model?
  • Are you interested in exploring a possible exit strategy for your business?
  • Would you like to bring your customers into a larger entity with more resources?
  • Are you tired of being the person/company who does everything and competing with the big boys, yet never being able to take time off for fear of what will happen to your customers when you’re away?

If you answered yes to some or all of the questions above Sangoma would like to hear from you.  We are looking for possible acquisitions of SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX providers and have completed a few of them the past couple of years.  We are looking for companies all over the globe, with recurring revenue that use Sangoma/FreePBX in your platform.

Please contact us by sending us an email to and someone from our team will reach back out to you and to explore the possible fit for us together.  This is a confidential email address, and any correspondence as well as follow up discussions, will be handled privately and with discretion.

Tony Lewis
Sangoma Technologies

Subscribe a BLF button to Monitor a Voicemail Box

I am going to try and start a weekly Saturday morning technical blog about some cool Tip or Trick you can do with FreePBX that most people are not aware of. As anyone who knows me over the years spelling and grammar are not by strong suite so please do not take offense if you find mistakes. I am here to try and provide valuable technical information.

If you have any request for things you would like me to go more indepth on please feel free to comment here and I will see if I can cover it for you in a future blog.

In this first series I am going to show you how you can setup a BLF button to monitor a voicemail box of any user on your FreePBX system. In the past this feature was not possible as Asterisk has no native ability to let a BLF button subscibe to a voicemail box and display when their are 1 or more waiting new voicemails. If you are using FreePBX 2.11 and the FreePBX Distro this feature is now possible.

A asterisk custom dev state hint for each voicemail box will now be auto created. If you log into the Asterisk CLI and issue the following command you will see the hint for each voicemail box called xxx@dialvm

core show hints

In our example above voicemail box 101 has a hint created that you can program any BLF button to as *98101. Now anytime voicemail box 101 has one or more new messages waiting the BLF light will be activated on your phone. Pressing the BLF button will prompt you to login with the password for voicemail box 101.


Now you can finally setup that general voicemail box and add a button to any phone that needs to be notified when a new voicemail is left. Thats all thats to it. Hope you find this feature useful.

Also remember to review our new wiki for more indepth information on FreePBX and all things related to the FreePBX Product.

The related wiki post on this feature can be found here.

Documentation Upgrade

So over the past 3 years Schmooze has acquired and designed alot of Documentation from Videos, UserGuides and Sales Slicks around all things related to our PBX and FreePBX. We have decided that trying to maintain all these different sites of documentation and yes even at Schmooze we had 3 different places our resellers and customers could find Documentation to combine all this into 1 place and also let the FreePBX users benefit from our collection of information.

This new central location is the Confluence site that we setup a few months ago for FreePBX at As I lay in bed recovering from Back Surgery last week I decided it was now or never to start migrating all this over. Well after 3 solid days I have a large amount of it moved over. I encourage you to spend sometime on the site looking through all the great documentation. Under the FreePBX Modules section there is a page for each module in FreePBX. Lots of these modules have documentation that different community members have been hard at work adding.  

Most of the Documentation Schmooze has for modules are done in PDF or Video format so under each module section you will see a page Called “Guides and Video”. This page will have links to any PDF guides or videos that we have created for each module. You will notice they are heavily branded Schmooze as they were created by Schmooze for our Customers but I feel most people will still be appreciative to have the information we have created and gathered.

As always, we just ask that you honor any copyright notices and if you are dying to get something documented comment here and I will see if I can get it through creative for you. We are a little backed up with some new material coming out but currently we have 2 people “Shaun and Mike” in our creative team who are responsable for keeping all the websites, blogs and documentation looking original and fantastic and are working on some really cool videos.

Speaking of videos here is a sample of what you can expect coming out from us. Our plan is to create videos for all modules in FreePBX from a User training perspective and also some sales related videos that you can use to help sell FreePBX systems to your customers.

How to Install FreePBX Distro Video

Now if I could just keep YouTube from shutting down our account it would be so much easier to have a central spot for our videos.  

FreePBX Website Down for Upgrades

We have been informing users for a few months that we have been working on a new FreePBX website and update to the 6 plus year old Drupal we have been using. Tonight Sat Jan 12th and into Sun Jan 13th we will be migrating all the content to our new website.

What this means is while we transfer all the data to the new server the forums will be locked down from posting any content. You will still be able to view the forums and website during this time.

We will update everyone once this has been completed.

Thank You

FreePBX Dev Team