Call Accounting – New FreePBX Commercial Module Release

Kapil Gupta

Kapil Gupta

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new commercial module named “Call Accounting” to the FreePBX ecosystem.  It is targeted towards FreePBX and PBXact 14 and above systems.

The “Call Accounting” module will help to allocate costs for outbound and inbound calls to either a trunk, user, or user group.  Using this module, you can create or upload one or more rate decks and use those rate decks to calculate the cost of calls on the system.  

This module can also help with basic call reporting functionality.

Why might someone need this module?
Many businesses with multiple departments have the need to allocate telecommunication costs on a per department or function basis. They need to be able to know which departments, groups, or individuals are responsible for calls that incur tolls, such as long-distance or international calls.

In some cases, calls made via specific trunks may incur higher charges. These costs may need to be allocated to the appropriate department, group, or user.  Businesses may also want to report on telecommunications costs in order to look for potential fraudulent uses of resources.

The Call Accounting module allows you to allocate costs (for both outbound and inbound calls) to either a trunk, user, or user group.  Using this module, you can create or upload one or more rate decks and use those rate decks to calculate the cost of calls on the system.  Basic call reporting functionality is also included.

How does it work?

An administrator can create or upload the rate desks and then associate that rate deck to trunks, users, or user groups which will help to identify the duration and cost of the inbound or outbound calls based on the configured rate deck.

The administrator can also configure time based rates like off hours, peak hours, weekends, and holiday (etc) rates which will also help to determine the overall costs involved.

This module will also generate the CDR summary report so that even if an administrator does not want to calculate the cost per trunk or for users, it can still be used to analyze the calls.

How can I install this module?

Using “Check Online” functionality via “Module admin”, an administrator can download the “Call Accounting” module.
As of today, the latest release versions of the Call Accounting module are 14.0.18 and 15.0.18.

How may I purchase it?

Instructions for purchasing and licensing the module can be found at the FreePBX Wiki – Purchasing Commercial Modules.

How can I configure this module?

Please refer to for more details about the module and its configuration.

Is there an example to see how the module works and how to see a report?

Please refer to the wiki below for an example of how we can use this module to do calculation of cost.

We encourage you to send us feedback so that we can continue to improve this module.  Please provide feedback by raising issues as a commercial module support ticket or submit feature requests or improvements to enhance this module’s functionality.


We would like to thank the team who have worked tirelessly for the development and validation of this module:

  1. Philip Joseph 
  2. Sandesh Prakash
  3. Kapil Gupta

Best Regards,
Kapil Gupta

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