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FreePBX15 – Warmspare

A Warm spare server is used as a failover mechanism to provide reliability in some system configurations.  The warm spare is active and connected as part of a working system. When a key component fails, the warm spare is switched into operation. Why would someone need a warm spare setup?  If voice communication is the

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FreePBX – Migration Towards PJSIP

Going back several versions, FreePBX has had options to configure SIP with either Asterisk’s chan_sip or chan_pjsip. As mentioned in the blog post here, chan_sip is already deprecated in the Asterisk world, so it’s past time to start thinking about “Migration towards PJSIP” within FreePBX. The FreePBX engineering team has been working in this

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Change your dial plan… and support 988!

With today’s modern cloud communications systems, the way administrators build phone systems, and the way that users interact with them has been changing at an ever-increasing pace. Unfortunately, some of those changes can be somewhat dehumanizing: We all know someone who complains about IVR menus because they feel that phone menus have taken the humanity

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Asterisk Logfiles module

This blog post is courtesy of FreePBX community member Javier Pastor (VSC55). Javier lives in Spain and started working and contributing to FreePBX five years ago when he began updating the OSS endpointman module. After a few years of hiatus, he’s back working and contributing code to FreePBX modules again. He has recently added new

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Update on Backup & Restore 15+ module

Hello Everyone, This is a follow-up update on the Backup & Restore module for FreePBX 15.  As mentioned in our previous post, we are committed to improving the Backup module functionality to provide a smooth upgrade path to FreePBX 15 and ensure that your system data is properly protected. We are proud to announce the latest

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