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Asterisk Voice Recognition Company Directory

Along with requests for the Asterisk Voice Recognition "Magic Button", I have had numerous requests over the last couple days for the Asterisk Voice Recognition Company Directory (AVRCD). As promised before, I am releasing the source for the company directory. Drop to the bottom for links to a demo and all the source files for

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Follow Me or VmX Locater™ – Which One is for You?

Some people like to have all calls follow them and ring all their phones. Others may prefer to not be bothered by every call; if the caller really needs them now, they would like an option but prefer to have voicemail handle the less urgent matters. FreePBX offers two different features that are designed for

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FreePBX Devices and Users Under the Hood

FreePBX is often referred to as a GUI to manage Asterisk configuration files. This misconception leads to confusion when Asterisk knowledgeable users begin to dig into a FreePBX system and find so many things that look foreign or different from what they are used to. FreePBX is a sophisticated PBX Framework that transforms a LAMPA

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Using the Day/Night Control with a Time Condition

Overriding a Time Condition with a feature code is a request that has been asked for since as long as Time Conditions have been available in FreePBX. It comes up regularly on the forums and there have been many custom versions implemented and posted to solve this problem. We have introduced a Day/Night Control module

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Ring Group and Follow-Me Ring Strategies (2 of 2)

In last week’s FreePBX® Technical Series we reviewed the current ring strategies: ringall, hunt and memoryhunt. We clarified the mystery of the “-prim” postfix on these and discussed some subtle behaviors between DND implemented in FreePBX® (server side) versus locally on the phone. This week we will review some up and coming Ring Strategies and

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