EndPoint Manager

$75.00 for 25 year license (Included Free of Charge when used with Sangoma Phones)

With the Commercially Supported Schmooze PBX EndPoint Manager you can Auto Provision & Configure directly from the GUI interface over 220 popular Desk Phone, Wireless Phones, Door Phones, Overhead Paging Devices, Gateways and Specialty devices from the following manufacturers: Aastra, Algo, AND, Audiocodes, Cisco, Cyberdata, Digium, Grandstream, Mitel, Panasonic, Polycom, Sangoma, Snom, Xorcom & Yealink. This module is currently a Beta module at this time.

For a complete list of supported phones click here.

Commercially support EPM with ongoing support and development.
  • Per Brand Templates– For each type of device you can create one or more templates that can be used to generate configuration files.
    • Manage the devices on your network 100% from the GUI.
    • Provision via any protocol your phone supports FTP, TFTP or HTTP
    • Create New Templates, Import, Export Edit
    • Provide Default Templates for each device on your network
    • Use templates for individuals or share across groups of phones.
    • BLF Key Substitution for substituting a users extension when apply the same template to multiple users
    • Easily Program Phone Keys & Button Assignments with drag and drop enabled templates.

  • Image Management- upload images for use in templates that support phone side images.
  • Define Global Settings- Define Global Settings that EPM will use for all templates, such as external and internal IP addresses of your PBX.
  • Extension Mapping- Map your extensions to a specific MAC address, and assign a template.
  • Basefile Edits- for advanced users, allows full control over all settings, including those defined by the default settings, that are not over written with module upgrades.
  • Firmware Management- allows you to choose which firmware to load on a per device/template basis, valuable for testing new firmware.