FreePBX 17 Progress Update

Kapil Gupta

Kapil Gupta

Dear Community,

Exciting news on the progress of FreePBX 17! 

First and foremost, the FreePBX Project would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone actively involved in testing by sharing their valuable time and feedback. These contributions are very welcome, and vital to ensuring the success of FreePBX 17, so we’re delighted to witness the activity on GitHub and in the forum. We are seeing more engagement than ever since FreePBX moved to GitHub, and it’s really gratifying to see the effort spent for the move is paying off so quickly. For the new contributors that have recently shown up on GitHub with pull requests, be aware that there’s a badge available for your username at the FreePBX forum. Anyone who’s contributed code to FreePBX can request the forum badge via a GitHub ticket.

As things stand now, FreePBX 17 is still on schedule for a General Availability (GA) release by the end of June 2024. We’ll have a formal announcement at that time, until then the beta period continues.

For those eager to explore FreePBX 17 further and for those still waiting to try it out, we’ve compiled some wiki resources. 

About FreePBX 17

The home of all wiki docs specific to FreePBX 17 are here: FreePBX 17 Wiki

Check out the 17 FAQ here: FreePBX 17 FAQ

Installation Guide

Familiarize yourself with the all new installation process here: FreePBX 17 Installation

And by reviewing the frequently asked questions: Installation FAQs

Upgrade Path to FreePBX 17

Learn about the upgrade process to FreePBX 17:  Upgrade Guide

Beta Testing Status

Stay informed about the current status of FreePBX 17 beta testing:  Beta Status

We welcome everyone to explore FreePBX 17 and provide any suggestions, feedback, or issues via GitHub, outlined here.

And finally, a huge thanks to everyone for being a part of the FreePBX community.

Best Regards,
FreePBX Team

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