FreePBX Custom Branding and Turnkey OEM Solutions

Preston McNair

Preston McNair


We are regularly contacted by companies that want to grow their PBX and VoIP services offerings.  Many of these companies are looking for custom solutions to increase the success they are already seeing by utilizing the FreePBX Ecosystem. Some are looking to move into the hosting business, others for customization and branding to fit their companies product or service image.  For those companies that are looking for that next step in either a commercially supported hosting platform or custom branding options we now offer two distinct OEM platforms.

The first of these programs, is our our Custom OEM Branding for the FreePBX Distro, this program provides a custom branded PBX platform that can be installed on either your own premise based equipment, or virtually on supported virtualization platforms. Our second OEM program is our PBXtended Turnkey hosted platform, which provides a commercially supported Hosted PBX platform, allowing your company to focus on generating revenue, not building and supporting the underlying infrastructure.


Our OEM Custom Branding program allows your to have your own branded and custom configured PBX platform that is continually updated and maintained by our staff. The Custom OEM ISO is regularly updated with the latest stable versions of the underlying telephony engine, GUI interface and Operating system as well as over 400 separate components and features including any applicable bug fixes and feature updates.  The OEM Custom Branding platform can be customized both visually and built with any supported third party application or RPM you wish to include , discount engineering hourly rates will be applied for any additional packages you wish your distribution to support. 

Once you install a new PBX with your Custom ISO we also provide update scripts that can be ran from the command line (or automatically via the GUI for licensed users of SysAdmin Pro) to update your existing customers to the latest version of your PBX software.  

For resellers and system integrators this allows you to promote your brand and product services as your own, without the need to invest in building and maintaining your own PBX platform.  You can put your resources into selling and expanding your revenue and customer base.

For larger companies and organizations Custom Branding allows you to build a PBX platform that can customized to your internal needs and quickly deployed and replicated across multiple locations when needed.

The pricing structure for OEM Branding consist of an initial ISO build & licensing cost, then an annual licensing cost that includes keeping your ISO file updated with the latest version of the FreePBX Distro as well as update paths for your existing clients.  

Branding of the PBX platform includes the following items:

Custom Landing Page:


Custom Header:


Custom Menu:


Custom Footer:




The PBXtended Turnkey OEM utilizes our feature rich PBXtended Platform as it’s base, which is a commercially supported PBX platform with more included features than the OSS FreePBX platform.  This program allows you to use our virtualization platform, on your own hardware in your data center. This structure includes automatic feature upgrades and system patches as they become available, keeping your clients always running the latest version of our PBX software.

Thereby allowing you to focus on selling your hosted PBX service without the development and support cost involved with building and maintaining your own internal scalable hosted platform.  Turnkey OEM allows your sales staff to place orders directly from a web portal without the need to get a system admin to provision your new customers.  PBXtended can be used directly with your own trunking service or partnerships , or you utilize our SIPStation trunking service for a fully integrated service.

The turnkey PBXtended platform requires a one time buy in fee to get the platform setup on your hardware in your data-center, then a monthly recurring fee based on the number of active subscribers to the service.  This pricing structure allows you to economically scale your hosted services, while at the same time enabling Schmooze to continue to support your infrastructure and continue the ongoing development of the PBX Platform.  

To schedule an online demonstration of either platform, or to discuss system requirements and pricing please contact us.

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