FreePBX Meets Zapier

Elvita Crespo

Elvita Crespo

Author: Danilo Smaldone, Sales Engineer – Sangoma

In a world that keeps asking for more interconnected systems, FreePBX (and PBXact!) is your partner for everything related to Unified Communications.

The FreePBX Engineering team developed the Customer Relationship Management commercial module some time ago to provide seamless interconnection with a select number of CRM systems, as well as APIs and webhooks for admins to enable their own integrations. The pieces have been in place for a while now, and we’ve seen some creative uses of these features from the FreePBX community.

The next evolution of the process comes from Zapier, a service that acts as middleware between your PBX and thousands of supported applications. Sangoma has recently created the FreePBX/PBXact plugin, so now everyone has a way to connect your PBX to other vendors’ solutions like Office 365, Gmail, CRMs, or any of the supported apps on the Zapier Apps list. Together, the CRM module with Zapier, PBX integration has never been so easy.

How it works: every time a call is received or placed through the PBX, the Sangoma CRM engine will send an API call to the dedicated resources on the Zapier platform. From there you just set up connections in Zapier to your applications such as Office 365, Gmail, Slack, and others to Sangoma’s PBX in a few guided steps. No coding required; the CRM module and Zapier do all the heavy lifting!

Think of Zapier as a multipurpose gateway that can connect to different items and make all of them speak in the same language–the Zapier language!

We’ve provided different triggers and search methods which will help you generate several actions in response to an incoming or outgoing phone call event in your PBX and interact with the next Zap App!

FreePBX’s long standing motto is “Let Freedom Ring”, and the Zapier integration is another small step toward the goal of flexible interconnection for the business user looking to use all their available tools in a seamless way.

Go check it out now and enjoy!

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