FreePBX World and the Hardware/Software Partner Program

Preston McNair

Preston McNair


As the first FreePBX World rapidly approaches (it’s exactly two months away) we are busy preparing presentations and working with many of the FreePBX Certified Partners that will be presenting their products that are a big part of the FreePBX EcoSystem.

Since announcing FreePBX World I’ve received calls from many hardware, software and service providers looking to be involved.  The major factor when choosing partners to participate at FreePBX world has been to choose partners that have integrated their products tightly into FreePBX to make the user experience as easy and simple as possible.  FreePBX Certified Partner Products make up the very fabric from which the FreePBX EcoSystem is sewn together.


The FreePBX Hardware/Software Partner Program is designed for any hardware or software manufacturer that builds or offers products that help complement and expand the FreePBX Product and EcoSystem.

Concepts of Software Certification

  • Fax Utilities

  • Speech Recognition

  • Operator Console

  • PC Clients (Mac, Windows, Linux)

  • Tablet Clients (Android, IOS, Windows)

  • Billing & Reporting

  • Call Recording

  • Conferencing / Collaboration

  • CRM Integration

  • Hotel & Hospitality Apps

  • Soft Phones

  • Smartphone Clients (Android, IOS, Windows, etc)

  • System Utilities

  • Call Center ACD

  • Carrier / ITSP Platform

  • Outbound Dialers

Concepts of Hardware Certification

Analog PSTN Cards

  • GSM Cards

  • ATAs- Analog Terminal Adapters

  • Desktop Phones

  • Wireless Phones

  • SIP Gateways

  • Enterprise Servers

  • FreePBX Appliances

  • Networking Devices

  • T1/E1/J1 ISDN Digital PSTN Cards

  • Voice Compression

  • Conference Phones

  • Paging

  • SIP Gateway

  • VoIP Security

  • SMB/SOHO Servers

  • Session Border Controllers

  • Speciality VoIP Devices

Companies with products that integrate tightly with FreePBX can apply to become a FreePBX Certified Partner by contacting us here.

The countdown has begun- we are sitting at 60 days away from FreePBX World!

Hope to see you in Vegas!

Preston McNair, on behalf of the FreePBX and Schmooze Team.

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