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Preston McNair

Preston McNair

SIPStation Free Trial Now Available! No Credit Card, No Risk, No Obligation!

SIPStation : Store

The FreePBX community has been asking for the ability to ‘try before you buy’ our SIPStation service for years. To that end, we’ve launched a Free Trial service allowing you to test our services for yourself. Free Trials are available in the US lower 48 states and Canada. You won’t need to give us a credit card and you can get started immediately as your trial service is provisioned instantly!

In just a few clicks we can have you up and running with your PBX connected to our world class services. You just pick a phone number and we’ll do the rest! There is no cost or obligation and you’ll see just how easy it is to connect your phone system to our award winning platform. There is no risk and after your evaluation you can convert your account to a normal account (no contract period required) or end the trial and go your own direction.

Our Free Trial service allows you to configure your SIPStation trunks, and a DID. This enables you to take the service out for a test drive before spending a dime with us.

    • Auto-configure SIPStation service and features directly within FreePBX
    • Local calling to US 48 and Canada
    • On-Demand SIP trunks – Configured and up and running in seconds!
    • Support from the same team that brings you FreePBX

Once you choose to convert your trial account to a permanent account you’ll have access to these additional services and features.

    • Local Numbers – Available in most areas of the USA and Canada
    • e911 Support
    • SMS – SMS support in the FreePBX User Control Panel ‘UCP’ for SIPStation customers
    • Number Portability – Across most US and Canadian markets
    • International Calling Available
    • Toll-Free Service
    • Bursting Options – Allow you to add flexibility to your services turning on the ability to make or receive additional calls above your purchased levels at a low per minute rate
    • Faxing and T38 Support
    • Built in Fraud Protection – We have automated systems to help detect fraud and protect your account
    • Top Up Accounts – Top up accounts let you control your spending and allow you to utilize advanced, metered services from a prepaid balance, putting you in charge of what you want to spend
    • International Fraud Guard – Provides a level of protection when enabling international calling, allowing you to set and control a weekly max limit on international services
    • Global Account Failover – Directly from the FreePBX Module or the SIPStation Store, you can control globally what happens to your calls in the event SIPStation services can’t reach your PBX, providing call failover to another phone number, or FQDN/IP
    • Per DID Failover – Allows you on a PER number basis to fail calls over to different DIDs when and if our service cannot connect with your local or hosted PBX

SIPStation is a mature, well established service offering, with thousands of customers using it to power their business communications every day. If you encounter any issues signing up or in the initial usage of our Free Trial service please report your issues here as we are very interested in making sure our Free Trial process is as seamless and smooth as our established customers have found their existing SIPStation services!


FreePBX World 2015 Call for Papers is Open

You are invited to submit presentation ideas for consideration for this year’s FreePBX World event to be held October in Orlando, Florida. The FreePBX World conference program will focus on topics that are important to everyone who wishes to learn about and stay up-to-date with the latest in the FreePBX EcoSystem.

FreePBX World

Submit your presentation ideas for consideration.
If you have an interesting program idea, you are invited to submit an application for our Call for Speakers. By submitting a presentation, you will help shape the educational conferences at this event and future of FreePBX. If selected as a conference speaker, you will gain visibility in the industry and contribute to the advancement of your profession. Complete the application and return it by the deadline listed for the show.

Call for Papers Deadline: June 19, 2015

FreePBX World Orlando 2015: October 13 to 15th, 2015

Speaker Requirements: Speakers must share their information in an educational, non-commercial and non-self-promotional manner.

Speakers must present new concepts and new ideas, not available from any other source.

Speakers must provide session description and promotional headshot for the conference website.

Submit and Idea



Sangoma Digital and Analog Cards 25% Off!

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25% off Sangoma T1, E1, J1 single port digital card.

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4 Port Sangoma Analog Card
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Sangoma-A200-A20002D PCI-e
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Our development team has been hard at work expanding the Open Source components of FreePBX, and have recently released and alpha version of FreePBX 13. Now is the time to load up a system and give it a test drive. We have added lots of new goodies into the platform, and need as many people testing and contributing potential bug reports and feature requests as possible.

FWConsole TrunksWe’ve made major visual changes, such as a new summary of entries for modules, a global search navigation bar and a bootstrap interface that provides modernization of the GUI elements of FreePBX. We also updated call logging utilizing CEL (Call Event Logs) allowing you to see the full life and path of a call and channel in the call records.

Indepth plumbing updates, including expanded use of the BMO framework, and deprecated older database schemas to move to faster and more secure alternatives. We have also added a new CLI feature set with the launch of the FWConsole framework. FWConsole is replacing the ‘amportal command’ and adds a new layer of access to FreePBX that allows you to directly manipulate certain aspects of your system without the need for a web browser. For example you can use the command ‘fwconsole trunk list” to list your trunks, using the onscreen commands you can then enable and disable specific trunks.

Summary: FreePBX 13 is prettier and more powerful than our previous releases.

Downloads: FreePBX Distro

Discuss in the Community Forums FreePBX 13


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