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Preston McNair

Preston McNair

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Free for All Attendees - August 28-29, 2013 | Free Registration Required
Registration grants full access to all FreePBX World conference sessions.  Also includes access to all ITEXPO keynotes, general sessions, free workshops, networking receptions and unlimited exhibit hall access.


  • 9:00-9:45am: What is FreePBX and its History – Philippe Lindheimer of FreePBX/Schmooze-  Find out how FreePBX grew to be more than just an easy way to write config files for Asterisk, to become the most widely adopted Open Source PBX Platform and EcoSystem in the world, we will provide an overview of what the FreePBX project is and a timeline in history of how FreePBX has evolved into what it is today and how our millions of users benefit

  • 10:00-10:30am: What are the plans for FreePBX in the next 12 months– Bryan Walters of FreePBX/Schmooze – The technological expectations of todays business communication systems have gone through all sorts of changes over the past decade, Review our plans for FreePBX for the next year as well as features and ideas that are being worked on to keep up with the rapid advancements in technology.

  • 10:30-11:00am: Overview of the FreePBX Ecosystem– Tony Lewis of FreePBX/Schmooze – Overview of what the FreePBX Ecosystem really means and how it is being moved forward.  This Ecosystem we talk about is related to the bigger picture of FreePBX from hardware manufacturer support, software add ons, SIPStation trunking, Reseller Program, OEM Program, forums and Professional Services

  • 11:00-11:45am: Preview of Asterisk 12– Billy Chia of Digium– Overview of what’s changing in Asterisk 12 and how these changes will impact future features and possibilities of FreePBX.

  • 12:30-1:15pm: Sangoma MCU into FreePBX– presented by Sangoma – Overview of the FreePBX/Sangoma Partnership on their MCU unit and the connection of Video Conferencing from the MCU into FreePBX

  • 1:15-2:00pm: iSymphony Operator Panel– presented by i9 Technologies – Overview on what the iSymphony Operator panel is and the new 3.0 features and ease of use and setup in FreePBX

  • 3:00-3:30pm: Allison Smith Observations of a Telephone Voice– Allison Smith the Voice of Asterisk –Allison Smith – the Voice of Asterisk, as well as the voice of countless other platforms for major telcos and large and SMBs alike, discusses her observations of IVR systems from her unique vantage point – from behind the mic, as one of the world’s most prevalent telephone voices. Are telephone systems becoming more intuitive; easier to use; and less frustrating for callers to navigate? They’re a necessary evil in today’s turnkey world, but are we still making it as difficult as possible for callers to get what they want?

  • 3:30-4:00pm: SIPStation Trunking integration into FreePBX– Philippe Lindheimer of FreePBX/Schmooze – The SIP trunking service included in every FreePBX system and managed by the same development team that leads FreePBX. Discuss how the new features that are being worked on will offer true Hybrid features into every FreePBX system for the ultimate Premise and Cloud based offering mix

  • 4:00-4:45pm: CyberData Product Overview and integration into FreePBX– presented by CyberData –Product overview of the CyberData product line from paging gateways, door access control, key-less entry and intercom boxes all fitting into the FreePBX EcoSystem.


  • 9:00-9:45am: How to present, sell and close FreePBX systems to your customers– Preston McNair of FreePBX/Schmooze – Talk about the best practices for presenting and selling FreePBX systems to your prospective clients.  Open Standards give you a lot of flexibility when designing client solutions, we will cover how to present the FreePBX EcoSystem and what FreePBX brings to the table to help you win more business, as well as some pitfalls to avoid when presenting Open Source products.

  • 11:00am-12:00pm: FreePBX Developer Roundtable/Getting Involved Community Q&A with the Core Development Team – Community Q&A with the FreePBX Team.  Ask any questions about FreePBX and the EcoSystem.

  • 12:00-12:45pm: FreePBX Commercial Modules and How they Can Help your Business SucceedPreston McNair of FreePBX/Schmooze – A review of the additional FreePBX commercial modules that can be added to enhance a base install of FreePBX, and how these modules can help you close more PBX sales

  • 1:00-1:30pm: Project Documentation  How to write and contribute back to the Project Andrew Nagy of FreePBX/Schmooze – The FreePBX community is a fantastic community for developing, contributing and getting support. The vast majority of all manuals and guides have been created and maintained by people putting in voluntary contributions of their time, to give back to the project.  This creates a very stable community and home for documentation and allows us to focus on development and improving FreePBX. In this session we will cover how to write documentation and contribute it back to the Project.

  • 1:30-2:00pm: Security as it relates to FreePBX and Asterisk– Scott Holtzman of Micro Advantage -We will discuss best practices with securing your FreePBX server from internal and external attacks and tools to use to make sure you have the most secure server but still access for remote workers and SIP Trunking.

  • 2:00-2:45pm: IPAD Replacement to your Desktop Phone– presented by Mocet – Mobile devices like the Apple iPad are rapidly being adopted in business as the go to device for collaboration. But there are serious challenges in deployment, provisioning and support. Learn how you can address those issues while delivering HD wide-band voice quality and dramatically simplifying the end user experience using the MOCET Communicator and FreePBX Endpoint Manager.

  • 3:00-3:30pm: Yealink Advantage– Overview of Yealink Phones and FreePBX Integration- presented by Yealink. – Overview of Yealink Phones and how they integrate into FreePBX and power of their features

  • 3:45-4:30pm: FreePBX Certified Reseller Program – requirements, features and benefits– Preston McNair of FreePBX/Schmooze – Being a FreePBX certified reseller provides access to Education, support, Leads, Hardware, Software and Support Discounts as well as special buying groups and partnerships. We will outline the Requirements, Features and Benefits of the Certified Reseller Program and the Training Classes designed to help resellers close more sales and compete directly with legacy phone system providers.

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