FreePBX Zulu UC

Introducing Zulu UC…it’s Outlook and Browser integration for FreePBX and it’s coming soon!

Zulu UC is being built by the same team behind the world’s most popular open source PBX, FreePBX. It allows easy communication and collaboration integration with applications that people like you use everyday.

Get in on our pre-release promotion and license unlimited Zulu user connections for only $199 before October 31, 2015.

Click here to take advantage of this offer today!

Sangoma Technologies US
2414 Industrial Dr. Unit D – Neenah, WI 54956

Notable Replies

  1. popup is a very good tool for freepbx.

  2. Hi, just to make sure I understand the offer, the promotional price is $199 as a one-time charge for unlimited users in perpetuity. Is that right?

    Tim Miller Dyck

  3. Just to clarify, if I get the promotion now, I get unlimited users for one year. What happens after that, unlimited users at $199/year forever, or 20 users for $199 from then on?

  4. Are there any plans to add additional functionality, such as chat and screensharing at some point?
    I recommend you think about it, cause that would put you ahead of everyone else.

    Our company e.g. is eager to find that one UC product that does all that. Something in FreePBX, that integrates into Outlook would be ideal.

    We don't want to go with Microsoft Lync, our users are also not that technical and it's somewhat hard to get them to use completely new things or install external applications. is good, but if we had it all in FreePBX/UCP, that would be heaven.

  5. Chat is already integrated into UCP, and screen-sharing has been discussed for UCP, I'm not sure where it is on the roadmap. I would suggest looking at open feature request at and if you don't see one that matches, open a new one.

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