How to Set Up a Development Environment from the FreePBX 16 Distro

Franck Danard

Franck Danard

One of the big changes in FreePBX 16 is that it now supports PHP7.4.

Unfortunately, this means that the sangoma-devel RPM is no longer compatible with it. This makes it challenging to set up a development environment for working with FreePBX 16.

Today the FreePBX Engineering team is announcing a new version of the development rpm for FreePBX 16: sangoma-devel16. This package has been updated to support PHP 7.4 and is compatible with the SNG7 distro running FreePBX 16.

We have also updated our wiki page describing how to set up your development environment and have separated both versions, one for PHP 5.6 (for FreePBX 14 and 15 systems), and one for PHP 7.4 (for FreePBX 16+).

The documents are mostly the same except for the mention of the famous rpm package sangoma-devel, and sangoma-devel16. Those packages will respectively include php56w-pecl-xdebug (php5.6), or php-pecl-xdebug (php7.4).

For more details, you can go to this wiki page: Setting up a Development Environment from the FreePBX Distro

We look forward to seeing your FreePBX 16 related submissions and feedback!

Franck Danard

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