Introducing the edge track

James Finstrom

James Finstrom

Starting with FreePBX Framework 13.0.96 we are improving our release process to make things more stable.  Currently we update modules fairly regularly. It is our goal to get fixes to the users as fast and easy as possible.  We are consistently closing out bugs as they are reported and closing out bugs from our backlog.  Our full time development team is always working to improve the user experience with FreePBX. These updates can be a blessing or a curse.  While it is good to be such an active project, having daily updates on your PBX can be a hassle.  

Starting with this release, modules will be released into an “edge” track.  For those who want every update as they happen you can enable the edge track and the modules will come in as they do now.  This is a great idea for your test or development environments.

For production systems the updates will be on a scheduled release.  With the exception of Security releases stable module releases will happen Every Tuesday. Once a module meets the time and testing requirements to be released from edge status they will be promoted as scheduled.  This will give administrators a predictable and regular update process they may implement.  

If you would like to set a server running FreePBX Framework 13.0.96 or newer to Edge mode go to “Advanced settings and set “Set Module Admin to Edge mode” to “Yes”.

Note all users will benefit from this new process even without updating as all FreePBX installs use the stable repository by default.

Currently Framework 13.0.96 is released under Beta in module admin. Switch framework to the Beta track to try out edge mode as modules become available.


If you find any bugs please let us know at


Thank you for using FreePBX!

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