Launch of 1st FreePBX Certified hosting provider

Preston McNair

Preston McNair

CyberLynk & Schmoozecom collaborate to launch to provide premium FreePBX hosting on Virtual Private Servers and a powerful lineup of both Green Dedicated Servers and Premium Dedicated Servers.


Through this partnership CyberLynk will provide the support for the VPS nodes, dedicated server hardware, data center operations, billing and general account information. Schmooze Com Inc will provide support for FreePBX related questions and issues. is the 1st Approved Hosting Provider by and Schmoozecom.

“Cyberlynk is excited to partner with the FreePBX Project and Schmooze to offer  We partnered directly with Schmooze Com Inc for their expertise and knowledge of business phone systems and services, giving us the ability to offer our clients the best FreePBX hosting experience that also contributes directly back into the FreePBX Project.” – Adam Hobach – Cyberlynk

“Cyberlynk’s state of the art dedicated datacenter and over 18 years of hosting experience was a key factor in making the decision to of whom to partner with for  Combining FreePBX Hosting, Professional PBX service and support from Schmooze and sip trunks from SIPStation is the best way to not only get Best in Class Business Phone Service, while at the same time contributing back into the ongoing development of FreePBX.” – Tony Lewis- FreePBX Distro Project Manager


How is this different from other hosted versions of FreePBX?


  • provides  solutions ranging from Virtual Private, to a dedicated hardware including Green Dedicated Servers and Premium Dedicated Servers allowing you to transition as your needs grow.

  • Phone & Email support from the Hosting Provider CyberLynk

  • Includes Free SysAdmin Pro & FreePBX Commercial EndPoint Manager Modules

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • VPS Control Panel- allows you to reboot, reinstall, connect via VNC, view traffic graphs, shutdown and much more from the web or via your smart phone.

  • Schmooze provides direct support options for all of your FreePBX questions.

  • Full Root Access

  • Easily add service to quickly start placing calls.

  • Fast FreePBX Deployment VPS’s are installed within 10-15 minutes, Dedicated Servers are provisioned within 24 hours.


For new clients to get you going on your first order you can simply use the PROMO CODE: FreePBX2013 during the signup process and you will receive a 100% discount on the first invoice which will allow you to demo for at least 30 days.  This promo code is only valid for the VPS’s on the website and after 30 days you will automatically be invoiced unless we receive a termination request from you.

Preston McNair – on behalf of the FreePBX and Schmooze Teams!

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