Module tag: Reporting

Queue Wallboard

The Queue Wallboard module allows you to easily view real-time information related to queues in the UCP module of FreePBX or PBXact. The queue information available includes: the number of active calls in any queue the number of calls that have been abandoned the SLA percentage (ratio of calls that are handled using pre-defined criteria)

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The Xact Dialer (or Broadcast) module allows a message to be broadcast to a predefined list of phone numbers. Different messages or destinations can be used based upon whether the call is answered or goes to voicemail. The module includes robust reporting options.

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PINSet Pro

The Pin Set Pro module provides greater flexibility in the deployment of security pin codes, allowing system administrators to assign pin codes directly to extensions and granularly control per extension which outbound routes are allowed to be dialed without pin codes. The module also features a report type that details call details and billable hours, including the ability to filter by dates, duration, pin code, or source/destination DIDs.

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Call Accounting

The Call Accounting module allows you to allocate costs (for outbound and inbound calls) to either a trunk, user, or user group. Using this module, you can create or upload one or more rate decks, and use those rate decks to calculate the cost of calls on the system. Basic call reporting functionality is also included.

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