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Ryan Markham

Ryan Markham

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce the introduction of a new section called “Commercial License” within the Module updates category of FreePBX/PBXact.


What is the purpose of the new “Commercial License” section?

Specifically designed for version 15+, the new section provides a complete overview of the commercial licenses on the PBX. It offers the following key features at a glance:

  1. List of all the licensed commercial modules.
  2. Commercial module license expiry details.
  3. Commercial module maintenance expiry, which may prevent you from updating modules or getting support
  4. Details of the latest version of each commercial module, including a link to the module.xml changelog. This is useful if you have an older module version that you cannot update due to maintenance expiry.
  5. Support contract expiry details.
  6. PBXact POPMs expiry details.

By incorporating this feature in the PBX GUI, the “Commercial License” section enables users to easily access and manage their commercial licenses, ensuring they stay up to date with licensing requirements and module updates.

The same section can also be accessed through the Sysadmin interface, providing an alternative way to access this information and functionality.




What are the different types of licenses associated with the FreePBX commercial module?

For FreePBX customers who typically acquire commercial modules individually, two types of licenses are provided:

  1. Commercial module license: This license specifies the duration for which the module is authorized to function. When the module license is expired, the features are no longer accessible to the PBX users.
  2. Commercial module maintenance period: Maintenance determines whether the commercial module is eligible to receive updates and support. If the maintenance period is expired, the module features continue to work but the module is no longer eligible for updates or support.

These licenses play a crucial role in managing the functionality and maintenance of the commercial modules, ensuring that customers have control over the module’s validity and access to updates.

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What are the different types of licenses associated with the PBXact system?

All PBXact systems require a POMPs support package which is renewable annually. An active POMPs entitles the PBXact customer access to support services as well as allow the PBXact customer to carry out module and system updates.

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Unveiling New Dashboard Notifications

As part of the new “Commercial Section” implementation, we have updated and expanded the dashboard notifications the PBX admin might see around module licensing. These notifications are intended to alert PBX admins to take necessary actions, such as renewing POMPs or support contracts or repurchasing commercial modules maintenance, in order to maintain uninterrupted functionality.

The various dashboard notifications that have been implemented:

  1. Expired Commercial Module License:
    Alerts administrators when the license for a commercial module has expired, reminding them to renew the license in order to keep using the module’s features.
  2. Expired maintenance for the Commercial Module:
    Informs administrators when the maintenance period for a commercial module has ended, indicating that updates and support for the module will no longer be available without renewing the maintenance.
  3. Installed module version is newer than licensing permits: Under rare circumstances, it might be possible for a PBX system to get a newer version of a commercial module than it would otherwise be entitled to, due to the maintenance period being expired. This notification lets the administrator know that if module maintenance is not renewed, it will cease to function in the next upgrade. It is a prompt to take necessary action, either by renewing the maintenance or downgrading the module to the version supported by the license to ensure its continued functionality.
  4. Expired Support Contract:
    Notifies administrators when their support contract has expired, reminding them to renew and thus ensure continued support.
  5. Expired PBXact Support contract (POMPs): Notifies PBXact administrators when their POMPs is nearing expiry or has already expired. It’s a prompt to renew and thus ensure continued PBX updates and support.

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