New User Management Module Added to FreePBX

James Finstrom

James Finstrom

If you dont have your FreePBX system setup to provide you notifications of updates you should. For those who do you will have received notice of a new module named “userman”. I am pleased to announce the “User Management” module This module lays the groundwork for the future of how you manage users in FreePBX and in how users will manage themselves.

This module is replacing several modules that have attempted to create and manage users separate from the Extensions module. Modules such as iSymphony, Xactview and RESTAPI are a few examples.. This tackles the task and is written in to FreePBX by the FreePBX team. This module is available now under module administration.

Immediately this application will begin managing users for the FreePBX XMPP Instant Messaging Application, as well as FreePBX Phone Apps (REST APPS) applications, available for Digium, Yealink and Aastra phones.

In the next version of FreePBX (ver. 12) this module will manage the access to our new User Control Panel (UCP) The old User Panel (ARI) created credentials by using the extension and voicemail passcode of the extension as the log in. This created some obvious security concerns. With the new User Management Module and upcoming UCP you will be able to create and easily manage complex usernames and passwords for access to UCP, as well as other easily unifying your credentials across multiple applications such as desktop operator panels like iSymphony and Xactview, and the built in Instant Messaging platform already built into the FreePBX Distro. You will still have hooks into the Extensions Module to manage individual usernames at the extension level, however system admins will appreciate the fact that you can quickly manage all of your users credentials from one location.

In the example shown we created a username of schmooze for Preston McNair , this user name has access to view and manage all of the devices and extensions assigned to Preston.

The Module then allows us granular control over which applications Schmooze can access and allows the creating of tokens for use with the FreePBX REST API to allow this user access to these features.

On Behalf of the FreePBX/Schmooze Team,

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