PinSet Pro

$45.00 for 25 year license

Pin Set Pro provides you greater flexibility in the deployment of security Pin Codes, allowing system administrators to assign Pin Codes directly to extensions and granularly control per extensions which outbound routes are allowed to be dialed without pin codes.

We’ve also added a new report that gives you an exportable call detail report and billable hours summary, this report includes the ability to filter by dates, duration, pincode, source and destination DID’s.

Whether you are a larger company looking to bill the cost of calls to internal cost centers or a smaller business looking to recoup the cost of client calls and billable time, Pin Set Pro makes it simple to generate detailed call reports and billable summaries that can be exported to your favorite spreadsheet application.

NEW Settings in Extensions Module

Granularly Control which outbound routes each extension is allowed to dial pinless, and which routes still require a pin.

NEW Report “Pinsets Code Report”
  • Generate downloadable reports that include:
  • Call Details: Date/Time, Account Code, Source, Destination, Duration, Billable Time
  • Billable Hours Summary
  • Filter by: date range, duration, account code, source & destination DID.