Get Technical Support From Our FreePBX Experts!

We can help with everything from implementation assistance to upgrades and production down emergencies. The FreePBX support experts are a team of dedicated FreePBX professionals who communicate clearly and focus on rapid problem resolution. To obtain support from our experts, log into your existing account or create an account.


Hourly Support Options
To get started, choose from one of the following packages.
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Put your mind at ease with one of our Peace of Mind Support Packages:


POMPs Basic
The POMPs Basic package includes 60 minutes of support credit, a dedicated support phone number and more! Discover more.

POMPs Platinum
The POMPs Platinum package is the ultimate peace of mind for your business. This package includes 180 minutes of support, a priority dedicated support number and 24x7x365 support for service-impacting emergencies. Discover more.

POMPs Up and Running
If you’re looking to get a phone system set up quickly with the best practices laid out by the Sangoma Engineering Staff, then look no further. The FreePBX/PBXact “Up and Running Peace of Mind Plan” has you covered in five easy steps! Discover more.


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