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Change your dial plan… and support 988!

With today’s modern cloud communications systems, the way administrators build phone systems, and the way that users interact with them has been changing at an ever-increasing pace. Unfortunately, some of those changes can be somewhat dehumanizing: We all know someone who complains about IVR menus because they feel that phone menus have taken the humanity

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Asterisk Logfiles module

This blog post is courtesy of FreePBX community member Javier Pastor (VSC55). Javier lives in Spain and started working and contributing to FreePBX five years ago when he began updating the OSS endpointman module. After a few years of hiatus, he’s back working and contributing code to FreePBX modules again. He has recently added new

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Collaborating for Success in Open Source

Open source is becoming very prevalent in the software world, even if it’s not obvious. Your phone, your television, your smart speaker, and even your car is likely to use open source libraries and applications. In fact, a recent Tidelift survey showed that 92% of applications use open source libraries. One thing I’ve seen over

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Sangoma Reinforces its Commitment to Open Source and Addresses Recent Elastix News

[su_expand more_text=”Ver en español” height=”255″ less_text=”Ocultar español”] Sangoma refuerza su compromiso con el código abierto y apunta acerca de las recientes Noticias de Elastix Esta semana, se anunciaron cambios significativos en Elastix, incluyendo la participación de 3CX y la eliminación de las versiones clave de Elastix para su descarga. Desde esos anuncios, muchas cosas han

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