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Nathaniel Halbrooks

Nathaniel Halbrooks

Hello All,

TL;DR – FreeBPX/PBXact wiki content has moved to

Similarly to what was recently done for the Asterisk project, the FreePBX project has had a plan in place for some time now to move many of the public facing resources to a new home. Part one of this move is the subject of this blog and deals with the wiki. For a long time now, documentation has been stored in Confluence at and Effective immediately this Confluence site is deprecated and any attempts to load those URLs will automatically redirect to the new documentation home at


The final vision for FreePBX/PBXact content on the new site is not completely realized, however all of the old PBX wiki content is currently present and available via the local site search. Since the content migration has been in progress for a while, much of the content is also indexed by search engines. As things stand now, the content is only available via search, but as work on proceeds we can expect to see structured category trees and more robust search functionality to assist users with locating the information they need.


As the plan progresses, the FreePBX community can expect to see the JIRA ( and Bitbucket ( instances be phased out in favor of using GitHub. Again, as was done with success previously for the Asterisk project. Community members can also expect an announcement in the near future about access to the FreePBX forum at When we phase out the single sign-on utility that’s in use now for most of the FreePBX public facing sites, it will be required for all forum user accounts to use the password recovery/reset feature in order to login to the forum. Right now, there’s nothing that needs to be done, there will be additional announcements with details as those changes get closer.

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