Update on Backup & Restore 15+ module

Kapil Gupta

Kapil Gupta

Hello Everyone,

This is a follow-up update on the Backup & Restore module for FreePBX 15.  
As mentioned in our previous post, we are committed to improving the Backup module functionality to provide a smooth upgrade path to FreePBX 15 and ensure that your system data is properly protected.

We are proud to announce the latest two improvements:

Improvement 1: Removing call recording files from default backup

Previously, if the “Call Recording Reports” module is licensed and selected in the Backup module list of a backup job, then all call recording files will be added to the backup. This can result in increasing backup file size for high traffic systems making it tough to manage the backups.

Hence, starting in Call Recording Report module version, by default call recording files will not be added to the backup file even if the backup job has the “Call Recording Reports” module selected.
This change makes it possible to manage the backup jobs and to have one job for system configuration and others to manage large size backups like call recording files.
For admins who wish to include call recordings in backup jobs, you can add a custom directory, i.e. ASTSPOOLDIR/monitor or any other location depending on the call recording file location.

Since this change alters the behavior of existing backup jobs, we have also implemented the following dashboard notification to ensure that those who depend on existing backup jobs to backup call recordings, will make the necessary change to their backup job(s) or create a new backup job for call recording files.


Once dismissed this notification will not appear again.

Improvement 2: Adding pre and post custom hooks 

We have seen a few requests from the community and on our open source issue tracker about the loss of the “hooks” feature in version 15 of the Backup module. Previous versions could be configured to automatically run an external script before and after a backup job.

We have now added that functionality back into FreePBX-15.

For Backup module v15.0.10.19 and onward, the section below will be present in the backup job in order to add the pre and post backup and restore hooks.

To try the latest FreePBX 15 backup and restore module, please update to the latest EDGE release and try it out.  We encourage you to send us feedback so that we can continue to make backup and restore a smoother experience.  Please provide feedback by raising issues to our open source bug tracking system, or submit feature requests or improvements to enhance this module’s functionality.

As per our standard policy, all modules are rigorously tested by our QA department, and only after QA approval, modules are allowed to move from EDGE to STABLE.  We are continuing to prioritize the backup and restore work to ensure quick issue resolution.

Thank you for using FreePBX,
Kapil Gupta

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