VM Notify

$75.00 for 25 year license

You can configure a new Voicemail Notification to monitor a mailbox for new messages. When a new message is left in that mailbox the system will call the recipients listed below until one of them accepts responsibility for the message. All numbers in the first priority will be called simultaneously, then if nobody has accepted the message it will continue to call all recipients in the next higher priority until it runs out of priorities to call. It will then retry the entire list if configured to do so.

You can optionally configure the system to notify you when a notification is complete. To enable this function provide one or more addresses below, separated by commas. You can also customize the message subject and body using the variables listed in the roll-over help. Keep in mind that the system will delete the email from the monitored mailbox when the notification is sent out, so attaching the voicemail may be necessary.