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Preston McNair

Preston McNair

Xact Dialer

We have added some new features to XactDialer and before we push them into the stable version, we want to get as many people testing them as possible.  So we have created a BETA trial license that we have opened up so anyone can add XactDialer to a supported installation of FreePBX to test and give feedback on these new features.

The BETA version adds additional concurrent call controls, advanced settings for voice mail detection, the ability to connect to a csv file via FTP, which also enables automated ongoing updates of a broadcast campaign, and finally the ability to start and stop a campaign by dialing a destination on your PBX.

XactDialer is one of our most popular FreePBX Commercial Modules.  XactDialer Automates the process of Broadcast Dialing.  Simply start a campaign, choose where your calls will be routed to, and upload a .csv file with the names and numbers you wish to dial.  Watch this short video for details on how it works. (Note the existing video does not show the new features.)

To get started and join the BETA you will need to log into the portal, and add the BETA license to your shopping cart, assign it to a deployment ID, and check out like you normally would when purchasing any commercial modules.  If you have never added a commercial module to your system you can follow the instructions in this video for instructions on how to enable and purchase modules for your system. 

So what’s the catch?  First you should hurry and add this to your cart, and check out as once the developers feel they have enough users for testing they will remove the ability to add the Free License and lock the BETA.  Second we ask that you to actually utilize and test the software and file tickets for any bugs you may encounter, and of course if while using the software you think of features you may wish to add, please let us know that as well. You can file tickets at issues.freepbx.org

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