Year: 2007

Security Concerns with Trixbox

Trixbox is a popular platform that packages our PBX application on top of Asterisk on a CentOS based distribution. There has been some recent news concerning bad security practices and potential privacy issues. In the best interest of all of our installed base, it is our hope that Fonality, the sponsors of Trixbox, will actively

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Are You Interested in a Training & Certification Course?

We have had numerous requests to put on a training seminar to provide deeper knowledge of FreePBX, General PBX maintenance and how to market and sell against the traditional providers. We are investigating doing such a multi-day training course and would like to know your interest in such. We have heard from users who have

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FreePBX 2.3.1 Maintenance Release

We are excited to announce the release of FreePBX version 2.3.1 today. Existing 2.3 installations can simply update their systems through the Online Module Admin repository by accepting the [i]FreePBX Framework[/i] and [i]Core[/i] module updates that are available online. This is the recommended upgrade procedure for existing installations that no longer requires you to download

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Expanded Repository Access and Some SVN Changes

What is SVN and what are you talking about? FreePBX keeps all of it’s source in our [url=/trac/browser]Revision Control System[/url] as does any properly run software project whether it is Open Source or not. For FreePBX, we use the Subversion SVN system. The purpose of such a system is to easily manage changes and releases,

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Follow Me or VmX Locater™ – Which One is for You?

Some people like to have all calls follow them and ring all their phones. Others may prefer to not be bothered by every call; if the caller really needs them now, they would like an option but prefer to have voicemail handle the less urgent matters. FreePBX offers two different features that are designed for

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