Are You Interested in a Training & Certification Course?

We have had numerous requests to put on a training seminar to provide deeper knowledge of FreePBX, General PBX maintenance and how to market and sell against the traditional providers. We are investigating doing such a multi-day training course and would like to know your interest in such. We have heard from users who have been to courses put on by other organizations that they would like to see something from us that takes it up a notch as well as focuses purely on the FreePBX based market (regardless of which Distro you choose to use). And we have also heard that you are looking for such a course that includes testing and certification to demonstrate your knowledge to your customers and employers.

So, we would like to hear from you if this is something you would like and would pay typical rates to attend? We are considering something in the March time frame if the response is positive but we need to know in advance if there is adequate interest to make commitments for hotel space and training rooms.

If you would like to attend, is there a preference in locations? We have considered locations such as Las Vegas, Chicago and Charlotte, NC.

Please let us know through responses to this post, we look forward to hearing what our community is looking for in this space?

Philippe – on behalf of the FreePBX team

31 thoughts on “Are You Interested in a Training & Certification Course?

  1. I’d love to know more details of course. My vote would be Portland, OR and some where in the $2500.00 range. I am also looking for some in depth Linux training. Will there be any?
  2. I would be interested in an asterisk/freepbx course. It doesnt have to be certificate based. I am not sure how much a freepbx cert would be out in the world. It seems once you say ok we have a cert for the class the class goes up by a couple grand. For what? Either you can do the work or you cant. I think if the costs would be what a couple hundred a day? I too live in Oregon, but I think Seattle would be a better location as many other trainings go on there and it is a larger hub for less expensive tickets for those who have to fly?. perhaps it could be around the same time as an asterisk training? How about CES? Anyone going?
  3. I attend the 1st Fonality FTOCC. It was $1500. I just got back from Cisco BCMSN and it cost $3000. So, $2500 is maybe too cheap. I’d get more out of it then the BCMSN for sure.
  4. The entire Nerd Vittles staff is interested. In fact, we’d even help host it. Have you considered Charleston?? Great hotels and bars, easy airport connections, fabulous weather, on the water, WiFi almost everywhere… and it’s the home of Nerd Vittles so we’ll show everybody a good time. If you’re going to do this in the spring of 2008, we’d better get hopping!!
  5. I am with kieranmullen3. The certification is not needed, especially if it adds the price tag as mentioned above. Let Cisco and Microsoft do this rip off.
    Doing it with Nerd Vittels is quite a good idea. They seem to be an interesting group.
  6. To Keiranmullen3 and orenyny,
    to make it clear, certification has nothing to do with price. It is simply something that many people have asked for – an opportunity to be tested once they have learned the material to feel confident that they have obtained a certain threshold of knowledge. We have been told that it is valuable to demonstrate to either employers or potential customers as well as differentiating from some guy walking off the street claiming to be an expert. It’s simply a test of knowledge which you would be free to take or not take if not interested.
    Philippe Lindheimer – FreePBX Project Lead
    http// – IRC #freepbx
  7. Yes interested. Someplace like Chicago, Vegas or Atlanta, one of the BIG hubs or just off with a cheap puddle jumper, probably more central US so that we don’t have to fly more then half the country would probably get more people interested. Spending a day to get someplace and another back with a weeks training hurts when you have a family.

    Company wise we have a threshold on total for a trip, but in general $1500 or $2000 for a week class plus reasonable hotel and air.

  8. I have worked with many recruitment and hr people to use certs as an easy way to filter people out.

    However working with people with certs is another question. The knowledge is often lost or out of date unless you use it right away. Practical thinking, thinking outside the box and problem solving skills are not things that can be obtained by certs and are often sorely needed from these individuals.

    Keep costs down! Keep costs down for you members as well by inviting some other company or making it the same time as another conference.

    I really hate the fact I can’t get auto email updates especially on this thread and threads I ask questions to. Often I ask questions for issues that may arise and not ones that actually are in progress. As a result I don’t check the website every day to see if my thread has an update.

    Please enable!

    Thank you

  9. Training for FreePBX given by the originators and maintainers of the project would be uber cool. It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other about a formal certification, the knowledge gained would be the real benefit.
    Also, I vote for Charleston, SC. Nerdvittles has been an invaluable resource to me, and I’m sure many others and being able to meet both the FreePBX and the nerdvittles crew would be a treat!
  10. Myself and my business partner would definitely be interested in such a thing. He resells Nortel phone systems and is truely amazed at how much better my FreePBX/Asterisk system is compared to the more pricey Nortel systems he has available. To have such a thing we both could attend might help us both in piecing together products and services we both can market.

    Hartford is a great location to have such a thing too being between NYC and Boston, and not far from Albany, NY, Springfield and Worcester, MA either.

  11. I would like to support Ward’s invitation as well. I’m in Chicago, but I would recommend doing it in Charleston. Vegas is okay too – just got back from a week there and it’s as crazy as ever. If NerdVittles helps out, so much the better. Weather & Cost are not pluses here in Chicago I’m afraid.

    Obviously cost is a big factor for something like this. Lots of one-man shops like me in this business are on shoestring budgets.

  12. Hello all,
    what about a online or CBT classes?
    Not everybody can travel and all the other asterisk based companies are not even considering it. I will bet you anything that a lot of more people will get in to it….


  13. I am surprised no one has setup a bi-monthly conference q and a session.

    Computer based training would be good but nothign beats being in person to ask questions as they come up.


  14. I’m very interested in your offer for training & certification for Freepbx. But I’m from Germany/Berlin. So I vote for Europa – Germany -Berlin. It’s a nice Place for IT-Business! Frank
  15. I would be prepared to pay $500 Australian…thats about all…as a small business person, training in this area is not a core priority. My aim would mainly be to get a certificate of competancy


  16. There will be training opportunities on computers as well as plenty of classroom. I would suggest you consider either coming to make your own judgment, or if concerned, then hold back and wait to hear objective feedback from attendees and then decide about the next time around. Making judgments at this point is simply speculation that serves no purpose.
  17. I am new to the asterisk world but I have been managing my companies 20 year old PBX for the past 15 years. We have decided to migrate all of our locations to asterisk over the next 2 years. So now comes the fun part. I want to attend this training and my employer has agreed to cover the cost of the class but I have to cover the travel and hotel cost. I was hoping I could find someone else to share a room with to help keep the cost down. If you are interested please let me know.

    By the way thank you FreePBX for all your hard work as I have enjoyed this product the last 3 months and look forward to deploying it over the next few years.

  18. For any of you thinking of taking Mike up on his request, the rooms at the facility are two room suites at a reasonable price for the one room, so I suspect the accommodation would be comfortable for two. (And if we can help it, no one will be spending too much time in their hotel room!)
  19. Hi,

    I will be glad to share the room with you.
    If I’ll come, I am not sure that I will be staying at this very same hotel.
    I will need to study the area and see what’s available. Hilton is not
    most affordable hotel chain.

    Keep in touch with me in the next few weeks.

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