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CDR Pro is a powerful call reporting module designed for FreePBX and PBXact administrators. With an intuitive interface, it simplifies the generation of detailed call reports. The module presents reports in a graphical view, offers predefined report types, allows customizable report periods, and provides detailed call information. It also offers the ability to schedule reports

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that strengthens access security by requiring 2 or more ways to verify user identity for gaining access to the PBX. MFA works by requiring additional verification information (authentication factors) in addition to the username and password. These MFA factors are one-time passwords (OTP), which consist of 4-8 digit

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Prem to Cloud Migration Module

Free – No licensing cost required The Migration Module provides the PBX admin with an easy to follow, step by step wizard to transfer settings from an existing prem FreePBX or PBXact system, securely to a new PBXact Cloud deployment. The Administrator can select which CDR/CEL records (if any) to include in the migration as

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Oracle Connector Addon

Available only for PBXact The Oracle Connector is an addon for PBXact phone systems that already have the Sangoma Property Management module license, that enables hotels, resorts, motels, and other hospitality facilities to directly communicate between an Oracle Property Management System, such as Oracle® Hospitality OPERA (formerly Fidelio), and PBXact. The Oracle-certified Connector Addon provides

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Queue Wallboard

The Queue Wallboard module allows you to easily view real-time information related to queues in the UCP module of FreePBX or PBXact. The queue information available includes: the number of active calls in any queue the number of calls that have been abandoned the SLA percentage (ratio of calls that are handled using pre-defined criteria)

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