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Rob’s Twist on: Why You Need a Firewall, really?

(Or, “Oh no, The Aussie is Blogging Again!”) It’s a rare day that someone doesn’t come into our IRC channel or forums asking for help with their firewall settings. Usually it’s because they twiddled a knob, or pushed a button on their firewall that they shouldn’t, or even worse, they didn’t twiddle a knob that they

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Hello, again. I’m all a-twitter over coming back.

As some of the more observant have noticed, I’ve been doing [url=]some[/url] [url=]commits[/url] to FreePBX recently. Does that mean that I’m back? Well. Yes. Yes it does. For those that don’t know, back in the mists of time – almost [url=]two years ago[/url] – I discovered that I had run out of hours in the

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Time for me to hand over the reigns

As most people would have noticed, I’ve been conspicuous by my absence recently. This has been due to a couple of things that have been happening IRL, and has made my spare time pretty much non-existent. Unfortunately for me, that spare time was the time I was using to do FreePBX work.

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Rob’s been missing again.. But I have a good reason

I apologise for the total lack of involvement I’ve had over the past couple of months, and I’d really like to publically thank Philippe for carrying the torch while I’ve been unavailable. But, I do have a good reason, and I should fill everyone in on what’s been going on and where I’ve been.

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2.2.1 released

We seem to have now got most of the bugs out of the 2.2 branch, so just to bring everything up to date, I’ve just released 2.2.1, to keep everything nice and fresh. For those that are subscribed to the sourceforge announcements, you would have noticed TWO announcement. That’s because I stuffed up, but I

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