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Fonality and the GPL

Well, that was a bit of a surprise. I was just pointed at this. It’s an interview with Chris Lyman, who’s the CEO of Fonality, announcing that they’ve aquired trixbox. It seems, at first glance, pretty cool all round. But read on for my take on this.

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Un-Trixbox your trixbox

There’s been a lot of people that have had problems with Trixbox 1.2, not limited to, but including queues not working, the ‘Red Bar of Evil’ not reloading asterisk, dropouts after a short period of time, random audio stutterings, x-lite being unable to connect, and a pile of others. This has caused me to help

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FreePBX 2.1.3 released

2.1.3 is now up on sourceforge. Here’s the changelog for 2.1.2 and 2.1.3: 2.1.3: Fix the broken security fixes in 2.1.2 (sigh) Fix the newinstall.sql file from 2.1.2 to work with older MySQLs Add a noload for (This will be taken out as soon as we start using it 8) Fix typo in welcome

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