2.2.1 released

We seem to have now got most of the bugs out of the 2.2 branch, so just to bring everything up to date, I’ve just released 2.2.1, to keep everything nice and fresh. For those that are subscribed to the sourceforge announcements, you would have noticed TWO announcement. That’s because I stuffed up, but I did that BEFORE this announcment. So if you’re reading this, and you haven’t downloaded 2.2.1 yet, it’s all OK.

Edit: If you read the article, you’ll know I’m travelling. I’m also trying out picasa and blogspot, and have found something very funny (well, for astronomers and other people vaguely interested in planets) whilst on the road. Have a look at the blogger post about The World Largest Solar System Model — Rob

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Now on the new machine

If you can read this, then congrats. You’re looking at the new Xeon server. It’s much MUCH faster than the old machine, and hopefully should be a lot more reliable! I did some minor load testing on it, and it can handle about 20 times the load that was killing the old machine. Excellent! However, we’re still only 2/3rds of the way to a years worth of hosting, so for anyone who hasn’t donated yet, please see if you can! Thanks!

Whoops. Enum Lookups broken in 2.2.0

For anyone using Enum trunks in 2.2.0, they would be unhappy to find that it’s giving them a wierd authentication error. Whoops. I’ve got a check back-to-front in the extensions.conf file. It’s a really easy fix, edit line 428 of /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf and put a “!” before the = sign. The line should read (when fixed):

exten => s,1,GotoIf($["${ARG3}" != ""]?PASSWD:NOPASSWD); arg3 is pattern password

Note that I’ve put the ! in bold so you can see where it’s meant to be.

If everyone can get busy and find some more bugs and report them, I can roll up a 2.2.1 release shortly!

freePBX 2.2.0 is here. Finally!

After a long and drawn out test, beta, and rc cycle, I beleve that we finally have a really REALLY good freePBX release. Since we started on the 2.2 branch, 244 bugs or feature requests have been fixed or implemented. Not only that, we’ve also changed the GUI, added a pile of new features, and also changed the way a few things work. We’re all pretty happy with it, and we’ve have even more new stuff lined up for 2.3. Please note that if you are upgrading, there’s been a couple of significant changes to the way things are done. I’ve highlighted them in bold below, just to make sure everyone reads them.

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Christmas is over. Yay!

Well. The hard part is, anyway. The feeding and entertaining of flocks of family and relations who decend upon us. Actually, it wasn’t us this year, it was Tharyn’s parents who were doing the feeding and entertaining. So we got out of it quite easily. Before I continue on into far more freePBX related stuff, I must boast about how cool a wife I have.

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