FreePBX 2.5.0 is FINAL!

Philippe Lindheimer

Philippe Lindheimer


It’s old news to the hundreds of you who beat me to the punch and already responded to those automated email notices telling you that FreePBX 2.5.0 has gone final! All of us who have contributed to the success of this release are thrilled to see it pass this great milestone and for those of you who will be at Astricon next week, I hope to see you at one of the parties to celebrate this great achievement!

Oh darn – got to buy a plane ticket for that don’t I, hmm, donation box is empty, feel free to help out. They are expecting me to give a talk this year…


With new features that span the spectrum of needs you are sure to find capabilities in 2.5 that you could not do or was much less convenient in previous releases. The list of features is too long to mention which is going to keep me really busy between now and October 7th preparing a new section for the upcoming Open Telephony Training Seminar covering this great milestone. (And don’t forget that special deal we mentioned last week which I think is about to expire!

Whether you want to do more with Queues (did you see Moshe’s great article yesterday?), take advantage of BLF, change your IVR messages on the fly with a feature code, simplify your current unmanageable chain of Time Conditions (and incorporate a manual override directly into the Time Condition), or a list of hundreds of other capabilities then you should be having a look at 2.5.

Want to write an article on something new with 2.5 that really peaks your interest? Contact me and we can make arrangements for you to publish something in the Technical Corner column, we would love to see more contributors there!

And as far as stability is concerned this release is panning out to over achieve our high standards once again! We’ve seen the normal pattern of other beta programs. People look for issues, and they find them, the majority of which are usually current bugs in the existing and often previous releases that have never been reported. More often then not, such bugs were only corrected in 2.5 and often will never be back ported to 2.4. So 2.5 is well worth looking at for the enhanced stability as well as all the great features it has to offer. With over 3000 systems in use at the time 2.5.0 went final, you can be confident that many other users have helped pave the way for you to feel comfortable upgrading and staring to explore the new capabilities of 2.5.

Now, with Astricon preparation in order for next week(if I can get there) and the next Open Telephony Training Seminar just around the corner, time to sign off with a thanks to all of you who helped develop, report bugs, provided great feature code ideas and patches and tested the early version prior to it going final!

– on behalf of the FeePBX team!

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